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David Gutierrez

Sous Chef

Born and raised in the sunny San Fernando Valley, Sous Chef David Gutierrez’s first glimpse at the hospitality industry came from inside the four walls of a home economics class at Van Nuys High School. He later worked his way through culinary school at Los Angeles Mission College as chef de partie at Westlake Village Inn where he prepped veggies, cleaned everything in sight, and mastered his ability to work long hours without stopping. With a longing to travel and live somewhere new, he left Southern California for the Grand Hyatt in Dallas, Texas. One year later, he quit his job, booked a flight to New Zealand and traveled for a month before landing in Sydney, Australia, where he was quickly hired as a breakfast cook at Three Blue Ducks in Byron Bay.  

He moved back to the States a year later and eventually landed in Chicago. There he absorbed the world of fine dining, one luxury experience at a time - first at Osteria Langhe, then the Michelin-starred Grace and last at Acadia. Each restaurant added to his ever-expanding skill set, from making pasta to running an immaculately clean kitchen to elevating the back of the house.