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Aniello Turco

Executive Restaurant Chef

Chef Aniello Turco, affectionately referred to as Nello, is young, yet experienced, talented yet inquiring, passionate yet precise, and is driven to change and challenge the culinary landscape. Inquisitive and questioning of all things culinary, at the age of 24 he set off to see what the world had to offer his increasingly discerning palate.  He spent time working with and learning from masters in Michelin-starred restaurants and during his tenure, and later revolutionised and repositioned Mio at Four Seasons Hotel Beijing, from a southern-focused Italian restaurant to one firmly focused on everything contemporary, earning the restaurant a Michelin star under his leadership.

As Executive Restaurant Chef of Mimo Restaurant and Bar in Nashville, Aniello Turco looks to create exciting synergies between his Southern Italian foundation and local Southern culture and ingredients. He believes the real Italy, based on core ingredients, people and soul, can be truly found outside of Italy and is found at Mimo.